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General Information

What is HOPE Advantage?

HOPE Advantage is a teaching co-op for home schooled students. We are not recognized by the state in any way, and parents are still considered the primary teacher for their child. HOPE provides parents access to teachers (tutors) who they hire to help them in schooling their child. Since we only meet one day a week, parental involvement is still necessary at home.

Do I still need to notify my local school district of my intent to home school?

Yes! Parents need to notify as usual for their student. When notification is sent in, please do not write down that your child attends HOPE. The school will not know what to do with this information. I suggest that you list the books we (your child) will be using this year as well as any additional that you are using at home. Remember, you are the one insuring that your child will be schooled next year. HOPE is not responsible for this - it is only there as a tool that you are using in the process.

Does my child need to attend HOPE "full time"?

We have found that HOPE works best if students attend full time(take all major school subjects at HOPE). Our Class Enrollment Policy states that students in 5th 8th grade must attend all classes except electives. Students in 9th & 10th grade may opt out of electives and one additional class. Those students in 11th & 12th must take at least 2 classes to attend HOPE. Under special circumstances exceptions can be made. All 5th 10th grade students are required to attend homeroom unless an special exemption has been given.

What is the cost of attending HOPE?

Costs for HOPE will vary each year depending on enrollment numbers. The average cost is about $100 per month per student. This amount is discounted for 3 or more students per family. There are also additional one-time fees such as a copy and insurance fee. Parents are also responsible to obtain books for their student. We actively try to keep all costs to a minimum to help make HOPE affordable for homeschooling families.

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